Sunday, 19 August 2007

Mapping The Internet

Partial map of the Internet, made from data on January 15th 2005, representing less than 30% of Class C networks reachable by the data collection program. (Data Source: The Opte Project).

Each node represents an IP addresses and the length of the line in between two nodes indicates the delay between those two nodes.

Each line is colour-coded according to it’s allocation:
Green: .com, .org
Dark Blue: .net, .ca, .us
Magenta: .uk, .it, .pl, .fr
Red: .mil, .gov, .edu
Yellow: .ip, .cn, .tw, .au, .de
Blue-green: .br, .kr, .nl
White: unknown

Image by: Matt Britt - License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.5

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1 comment:

Mike said...

WOW that is amazing! I've kind of always wondered what the 'net might "look like" and always pictured some kind of mass of wires and servers, but this is more than I could have imagined.

Very cool find!